The European Day of Languages (EDL) aims to celebrate linguistic diversity by showing people across Europe how important languages are and what fun can be had learning them. The European Day of Languages is 26 September. It was set up by the Council of Europe and was first celebrated in 2001. It’s getting bigger every year, with 45 countries now involved. Schools across Scotland will be celebrating the European Day of Languages 2010 in Septmber. This is a snapshot of what’s happening.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Colquhoun Park Primary, East Dunbartonshire

On 28th September, Colquhoun Park Primary held a Japanese themed morning assembly. The whole school took part and were able to show off their Japanese language skills by saying ‘hello’, ‘good morning’, ‘how are you?’ and other Japanese words and sayings.
The school split into teams and took part in different Japanese-themed challenges – the Chopstick Challenge, the Calligraphy Challenge and the Gambarimasu Challenge.  Scores were counted in Japanese! There was also a Japanese Quiz, and pupils had to go around the school to collect the answers.
Global Education and Languages are merged within the school's everyday approaches to teaching and learning, and EDL 2010 was an opportunity to celebrate this. On 28th September, in addition to the Japanese Assembly, pupils celebrated languages and global education in other ways.  One class sourced and tried different Spanish foods. Another class learnt some Marshall Arts. Primary 7 did mental maths in Gaelic, and the corridors throughout the school were decorated with posters in different languages, including French and Bulgarian.
More information on languages and global education at Colquhoun Park is available from the school website.

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